What does it mean when the terrorist is a Christian?



This is a photo of the Island Breivik bombed.
Temporary memorial service for the shooting victims.
Scene of one of his shootings.




Madison: I learned that after the attack people automatically assumed that the terrorist was a Muslim from Al Qaeda, and did not consider the fact that the terrorist could be what people thought was a normal person, and a Christian. News channels and bloggers first reported that the terrorist was in fact a Muslim, and when they found out that he was a Christian, many did not retract their statements. I was one of the video editors of the video and I also found the videos that we put into our movie. I hope to convey that people judge others based on their religion and the stereotypes that go along with that specific religion, without knowing the facts about a situation.

While working on this project, I learned how prejudiced and biased people can be when it comes to Muslims and terrorism. When people hear the word “terrorist” most automatically think- Muslim. What most people don’t realize is that even the most Christian person can also commit an act of terrorism. In the Norway devastation my group worked on, the police were even convinced there was nothing wrong with Anders Behring Breivik, he was a tall blonde man who looked and acted like everyone else. I learned that we shouldn’t just place all Muslims under the category of terrorists, because really anyone can be one. What I contributed to this project was photos, facts, and questions. I found lots of pictures, highlighted facts, and came up with questions, and then emailed them to Madison so she could put them in our video. What I hope to convey by researching and creating this video, is that people should stop linking Muslims with terrorism. The Norway devastation is a prime example of how anyone -even a person who looks just like you and me- can be a terrorist.

A)Through this project I experienced how ignorant and suscluding society can be. In the first hours of the attacks people believed the person who was behind these attacks was a Muslim from Al-Qaeda. Even after the press released that the the person who planned these horrific massacres was a man by the name of Anders, a Nordic man, people still continued to believe he was a Muslim extremist. Many people have a hard time differentiating Muslims and Al-Qaeda. Muslim is a religion and society while is a world-wide group of terrorists. Anders was in fact a Christian whom based his works off of Al-Qaeda, "a cut-and-past image" or "exact mirroring." Anders believed in a Christian Europe with no other ethnicity(s) and religions.
B) I started my contribution by viewing many websites including Biography, Self-interview, News reports, people's views, and parts of his infamous +1,000 page Manifesto. I continued my participation by editing the project, picking music (with Madison), editing video clips (with Madison).
C) People like to attach stereotypical names and theories. People attach people with religions, religions with people, religions with groups.