Group member: Rui Rui, Thomas Zhang, Stephane Teste, Golden Pan

Thomas is in chrage of the video selection nad resource editing

Stephane is in charge of all the resoucre selection Rui Rui is in chrage of video and music editing

Golden pan is in charge of all the rest and deal with problem we might have

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‍‍‍ Les Meilleurs

Our topic is: Political and cultrual issues behind the ban of Burqa in France


We are still doing research on our project, I will keep adding new resourses and information to this page

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Infromation and resourses for the video project

Muslim women flout French ban of veil after court fines two women

Dutch Want to Ban Burka

How the Dreyfus Affair Explains France’s Burqa Ban

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Part I
Thomas Zhang:
  1. Before doing this project, I had always thought that Muslim women wear burqa because the Koran told them to do so; it’s a religious obligation, they don’t have any options. But now I know that actually nothing in the Islamic writings dictates women what to wear, they choose to wear the burqa all on their own, no one forces them to do so. It is the expression of personal will and cultural identity, just like those women who choose to wear miniskirts.
  2. For the making of the video, I selected most of the pictures and video clips and putted them in sequence. I did the layout for the video to make the content more logical and more consistent. I always wrote the subtitle that appears on the video to give the viewers some background information to help them have a better understanding on the issue.
  3. What I tried to convey in the video is that the issue of burqa is not just the religious conflict between Christian and Islam. It is conflict between Muslim women and the French ideas of women; it is the France’s perpetual fear about religions. For hundreds of years, France has always been the heartland for Roman Catholicism. The French kings had always been the pious supporter of the Roman church, catholic played an essential role in the French society. But since the age of Enlightenment in the 18th century, France has slowly been transformed into a secular. The belief in humanity and progress becomes widespread in the French society. And the infamous Dreyfus affair in the late 19th century increases the anti-clerical sentiment among the French people, which further accelerated the separation of religion and politics. Many French people are very sensitive about religion. So when French sees Muslim women using hijab and burqa to cover themselves, they would think it’s the Muslim religion forces them to do so. And they are afraid that this may eventually affect the “French” ideas of women due to the fast growth of Islam worldwide. However, the burqa has nothing to do with the Islamic faith itself. It’s more of a culture identity rather than a religious symbol. A woman who has real liberty should be able to decide what to wear for herself.