Many families like this one were affected by the attacks in Norway.
Many families like this one were affected by the attacks in Norway.

Robbie-editing the project
Josh-finding background info for the project
Brad-finding videos for the project
James-finding pictures for the project

The typical stereotype of a terrorist is being a Muslim, but the man that killed children of this Norwegian Community was a Christian.

Anders Behring Breveivik, a conservative, right-wing Christian, and Muslim"hater" left 92 dead in Norway July 23 of this year. Mass media, and more specifically the Wall Street Journal was scorned for having been so quick to assume that the criminal was Muslim. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Norway prime minister during 2005 explained that the errors made in the Danish news which sparked Muslim-lead protests was completely unintentional.

The Washington Post's blogger, Jennifer Rubin, however showed no remorse for the mistake by pressing the inconclusive issue that Al Queda was involved in the attacks. James Fallow, a comment for The Atlantic argued Rubin's post was indeed untrue, and prejudice. Ta-Nehini, another comment for The Atlantic agrees with Fallows, condemning Rubin for not correcting herself. Glenn Greenwald took offense to Obama's statement which he thought suggested that the 92 casualties were the works of an international terrorist group. He also takes offense to the New York Times which he thought was targetting Muslim radicals for the blame.

Greenwald frowns upon the West's definition of Terrorism being extremism with Muslim involvement.

video about the Muslim immigration issue and tells its history. Note how
the Muslims in the Oslo neighborhood of Greenland breathed a sign of relief
when they found out the attacker was not Muslim. This is because what a few
Muslims do unfortunately reflects upon all Muslims. The attacker was a
Christian extremist, but no one worries that all Christians will be labeled
as a result. this
tells about the attack right after it happened; they don't know exactly who
did it at this time, but they said everyone at first wondered if it was an
act of Muslim terrorism but they realized it wasn't because the attacker ended up having blonde
hair. Muslims are not blonde. So we'll want to bring up the stereo type
that attackers are all Muslim extremists.
article about other European terrorist attacks... not sure if this will be helpful or not.

From doing this project, I learned that stereotypes can go a long way. Especially in the way of terrorists being Muslims. This project showed that by having a Christian terrorize a Norwegian Community and that sparked the question, "What if he isn't Muslim?". During this confusion, many media outlets had blamed the Muslims or the Islamic Faith for doing this act of violence. They had assumed too quickly and had gotten criticized for it causing the stereotype of Muslims always being terrorists to slowly go away. What I contributed to the project was that I did a lot of the editing for the project with iMovie, and then helped to find videos that applied to what we were talking about. What we hoped to convey was that stereotypes can be broken and that one of the biggest ones, that muslims are terrorists, can and will be broken at any given time or point.