Are the American Muslims the Problems or the Solutions?


The picture on the left illustrates a common misconception of Muslims. In fact, 94% of terrorist attack on U.S. soils are not by Muslims, and most of the Muslims are against terrorism. The picture on the right illustrates how much Muslims support the world peace.

American Muslims are the solutions because they provide a bridge between the Muslim world and the U.S where many common misconceptions about Muslims have occurred since 9/11. Also Americans and Muslims can live side by side and Americans can see that Islam preaches peace and not war.

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By Trey
TIME: 00:06 to 00:25
Newscaster talks about stabbing of Muslim cab driver.
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TIME: 00:12 to 00:16
Congressman King defends his arguement.

TIME: 00:33 to 00:38
Imam Mohamed Magid, Pres. Islamic Society North America.
Talks about how violence is in all communities.

TIME: 01:30 to 01:37
Supporters of American Muslims
48 out of 120 terrorists plots in US were discovered due to tips from Muslims.

TIME: 02:09 to 02:22
Imam Feisel Rauf
The hearings should be against terrorism not Islam.
TIME 00:47 to 01:01
Guy says that Muslim Americans can be good Americans and good Muslim because religion isn’t a barrier in the US.
TIME 01:35 to 01:54
REP. Sheila Jackson Lee a Democrat from Texas says hearings are tainted because they’re focused on demonizing Muslims

TIME 02:25 to 03:15
REP. Keith Ellison a Democrat from Minnesota tells story of Muslim paramedic who died in 911
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Video By Zhao
Muhammad Ali and Will Smith talk about Muslim
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by: Jad
Only 6% of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have been committed by Muslims.
More attacks (7%) have been committed by Jewish extremists than Muslim extremists.
Only 47% of Muslims-Americans think of themselves as Muslim first, then American.
51% of Muslims in the U.S. are worried about Islamic extremism in the world.
Mohammad Hamdani, an everyday Muslim-American, was called the "All-American Jedi" by the New York Times because he was one of the first people to rush to the scene of 9/11 and sacrifice his life to save others.
48 out of every 120 terrorist plots are stopped because of tips given by Muslim Americans.
The number of Muslims who were arrested for terrorist acts sharply declined from 47 in 2009 to 20 in 2010.
More than 136,000 people have been murdered in the U.S. since 9/11, and only 31 of those deaths have come from Muslim-Americans.


By Zhao
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From doing our project on whether or not American Muslims are the problem or the solution; I discovered facts and truths about Islam, specifically Islam in America, which changed my whole perspective on the topic of American Muslims. I came into this project, like many other Americans, with the knowledge of stereotypes from the media in my head. As I completed the project with my group, we came across several statistics that really made me think. For example, more than 136,000 people have been murdered in the U.S. since 9/11, and only 31 of those deaths have come from Muslim-Americans. To me, this information cut right through the perspective given by the media, that almost all Muslims are terrorists and almost all terrorists are Muslims. Other facts also shed light on this idea and proved it incorrect, like: only 6% of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have been committed by Muslims. These points also led me to conclude that American Muslims are the solution because they are a “bridge” between America, where many stereotypes start, and Islam, the highly targeted and misunderstood religion. For the project, I was the “video guy”, among other things. I found all but one of the videos, posted their links and descriptions, and found the specific times for each useful clip from each video. I also helped organize the order of the content of the presentation and helped with the wording of the slides with the group in the dorms after school and on the weekend. With the help of Jad, I also presented our topic on parents visiting day. As a group, I feel that we wanted to convey that political “intervention” with American Muslims, like the King hearings, is totally uncalled for, and that American Muslims are not what everyone thinks they are. They are seldom terrorists. However, we know that the general public won’t believe that because of the political media. Here is the true power struggle of our crisis, American Muslims are good people and they want that to be known, but on the political side of things, the media has branded the community with the descriptions of evil and violent. Hopefully one day, the truth will prevail and the media will succumb to the cold hard fact that Muslims, especially American Muslims, are not the same as terrorists.