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This is a picture of the Palatin chapel of norman kings in Sicily. This is a form of Byzantine Art.

Islam Needs to Proove its a religion of peace.
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Struggle in Islam
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This is a picture a of tempietto di San Pietro in Montorio, Rome where St Peter was put to death. This shows the renaissance because is shows ancient Greek and roman architecture. It shows symmetry and proportion geometry in the architecture which was used a lot in the renaissance.

I think Western Aid is helping Africa because we are showing Africa what can help them. We are giving them a chance to learn how to help them selves and it's up to them to learn the lesson and follow us by example. We can't just keep on helping them if after were done they don't do anything and they expect us to fix their problem again. So if you we teach them how to take better care of them selves and they do it this will work because they will know how to fix the problem the next time. Bono the rockstar talks about how "this is not a celebrity cause; its a emergency" which it is very true. He also says that if this was happening to any other country everyone would be helping but since its africa its not that important because its a "country up in flames". In the other reference the person says that celebrities "have inadvertently or manipulatively become the spokespeople for the African continent" which is true in a way but they are trying to help. Some people might think that they have no right to talk about their country like they no what the feeling is but they are trying to help and thats all that matters.

Republic of Ghana

In Ghana today the president is John Atta Mills. In todays society the company "Tullow Oil, says it will spend at least $4 billion to develop oil fields off the coast of Ghana which will defiantly help their economy. Compared to most of Africa Ghana is "often seen as a model for political and economic reform". Cocoa and gold are keeping Ghana above the water because of their high prices in todays economy. Ghana is the worlds second-largest producer of cocoa. Ghana is on the bottom billion list because they have 29% of all people living below the poverty line and also because they have civil war around them which seeps across the border into their country. A big obstacle that stands in front of Ghana is the corrupt government they have and the ability to control the natural resources in their country that is high in value. If you were a youngster in Ghana you have the ability to have a good future because of the oil, gold, and cocoa in Ghana. The future is all about what they do with it.

In the Republic of Ghana their is 25 million people over a land area of 92,098 sq. miles. Ghana is located on the west part of Africa on the coast of the South Atlantic Ocean. Ghana's borders are shared with Togo, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast. The capital of Ghana is Accra. In Ghana 29% of Ghanaians, Ghana Citizens, live below the poverty line which is 1$ used a day. The major languages spoken in Ghana are English, African languages including Akan, and Ewe. The major religions in Ghana is Christianity, indigenous beliefs, and Islam. In Ghana the life expectancy for men is 64 years and for women its 66 years old. The monetary unit is the new Cedi. The main exports of Ghana are gold, cocoa, timber, tuna, bauxite, aluminum, manganese ore, and diamonds. This is the Republic of Ghana.

Map of Ghana
Map of Ghana

A recent story from BBC talks about a Ghanaian businessman, Herman Kojo Chinery-Hesse, who co-founded the software company, SOFTtribe Limited. This company is known as one of the "best-known software houses in West Africa" says BBC. This man in an inspiration to the whole continent of Africa. He was just an average man who went out there and started his own company. He gave up the opportunity to live in America or the United Kingdom to come back to his home in Ghana and write software in his bedroom in his parents house. "It was very difficult. I didn't want to go back abroad because second-class citizenship did not quite appeal to me," he said. His business started out small and now has a "client base of more than 250 organizations, including several major such as the Ford Foundation, Nestle, and Unilever." Mr Chinery-Hesse says that anyone can do it and that its not rocket science. He says that you just need to be dedicated and have your head in the right place. Mr Chinery-Hesse became rich in a matter of two years but he says he had no idea it would be that fast let alone at all. Mr Chinery-Hesse started from scratch and now is a wealthy man inspiring countries in Africa to start their dreams and their own ideas. You never know what might happen.

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Sir Issac Newton was a physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian. Many people considered him to be the most influential scientist who ever lived. He wrote a monograph titled Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica which was published in 1687. This monograph lays the down the foundations for a lot of classical mechanics. In the monograph he talks about universal gravitation and the three laws of motion. The Principia is generally considered to be "one of the most important scientific books written", because of the physical laws of work described in the book. Newton was also known for building the first reflecting telescope which was a huge accomplishment in the world of science. Newton along with Gottfried Leibniz developed the differential and integral calculus. Newton was such a big deal he had a method named after him self, Newtons method.

Stephen William Hawking and Issac Newton are both great physicist who are highly regarded in their fields. Stephen Hawking is known for his successful battle with Lou Gehrig's disease. He has been given the most honorable civilian award possible, The Presidential Medal of Freedom. Stephen Hawking and Issac Newton were both great influential people who did a lot for science. They had inventions, they have been apart of miracles, and they have been known as some of the smartest people ever to live in this world. These men did so much for the world of science that people to this day still use their methods and laws in every day of life. In the class room, on the road, on airplanes, in work shops, and in engineer ware shops. The influence that these men had on the world you can't describe. They learned how every day things happen that you wouldn't even begin to grasp. These two men change our lives and now we take it for granted.


Andrew Carnegie was a American who has been remembered and talked about in businesses and history class since he died in August 11, 1919. He was known for his wealth, they way he used his money and his steel company. A lot of people didn't like how he dealt with the strikes in the steel company but in the end it obviously worked out because he was the wealthiest man during that time. He was so wealthy that he gave money to the U.S. Treasury to help them. Andrew Carnegie was a very charitable man and in the city of New York there are multiple libraries, halls, towns, parks, and companies that were bailed out by Carnegie and some of them are named after him now. Carnegie thought there was only three ways to deal with a lot of money but he only used one of those ideas. He used it personally to make certain that it was effective. Another big idea that Carnegie believed in is taxing the wealth. When i say tax i mean taxing them much more than others. Andrew Carnegie thought that you should give back to the community and help others in need if you are wealthier then them. This showed how he believed industrial wealth can serve as a moral purpose and he stood for it his whole life.

Bloomfield Hills vs Detroit:

When you think of Bloomfield Hills and Detroit there isn't much in common. Actually they are pretty much opposites even though they are so close. The population of Bloomfield hills that is white is 86% while black is 4%. In Detroit the population of black people is 82% black and 7% white. This unbelievable difference in racial majority between these two cities that are so close is remarkable demographic. Then when you think of population Detroit has 713,777 people while Bloomfield Hills only has 3,869 people. Since Detroit has so many more people they need so many more jobs but unfortunate Detroit lacks in jobs available. Detroit's poverty rate is 67% while Bloomfield hills isn't even close to that. Since Bloomfield hills has a smaller population to control they have more of a grasp on poverty compared to Detroit where they are struggling big time.


  • 713,777 people
  • 67% poverty rate
  • 5,144 people per sq mi

Bloomfield Hills

  • 3,896 people
  • 779 people per sq mi
  • 12% unemployment rate



Social Darwinism

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Herbert Spencer thinks that social darwinism revolves around freedom across all races, cultures and classes. He talks about how wealthily prosper and succeed while the poor die off which is an accurate stamens but it can't be justified.
When President Obama called the Republicans "Social Darwinist" he was steeping out of his comfort zone because "Social Darwinist" has evolved into a derogatory word. I think that Obama was inaccurate in calling Republicans Darwinists mostly because of their budget cut ideas. Obama thinks the Republicans are being shellfish and only thinking about benefiting the wealthily while their plan is actually going to benefit a lot of people in the country, not only the wealthy. This budget plan will decrease the amount of domestic funding in a drastic way. At the moment America is in a horrific debt and it is a huge deal that we real eve our selves from that debt. A big problem in our country today is we are spending to much money that goes to other countries while we could just pay our own country. We need to keep as much of our own money in our country. In the budget cut there are a few down sides but the cut helps the majority of Americans and that is how you succeed and rise up from the economy downfall.

"Face The Bullets"
"Face The Bullets"

This propoganda poster captures the attention of British viewers trying to get them to join the war. This poster puts the quilt treatment on any man who does not join the war because they feel shellfish if they don't. It also says that if ou don't join the army you will die at home and all the others around instead you could be fighting and preventing the deaths of your neighbors.

1.A picture of you in the neighborhood/house you grew up in
2.My house is two stories with a little of stone, brick, and wood.
3.When I look down my street I see people walking, sidewalks on each side, a wide road, and big houses.
4.My community is a luxurious, nice, and old community.
5.I like that I have a lot of friends around me and we can walk around without being scared of anything bad happening.
6. My whole family has lived their.

Bloomfield Hills
This video shows bloomfield hills being very preppy and luxurious.
This video shows how bad and dangerous detroit is. It is all of the negative veiws of the city.
This is a video of a bike ride through the city and it is pretty reasonable and accurate.