1) What did you see DOWN Woodward?
I saw the different trials and tribulations the city of Detroit has gone through, and what is good and bad about the city.I also saw that Detroit has possibilities to come back, and it isn't all bad.

2) How did this experience impact the way you see your own neighborhood/school/city/self?
I saw that my neighborhood had no where near the amount of history that detroit had.
3) What had the most impact on you during the trip?
I thought the thing that had the most impact was the area of Detroit with the really nice houses. It showed me that Detroit wasn't a super poor city and there could be nice areas. But right behind those houses was an area stricken with poverty, and the trees and fences almost blocked that area purposely from view of the nicer houses.

  1. I don't have a picture sorry. I'm sure I do at home though
  2. I grew up in a 4 bedroom house, that would probably be considered bigger than average but not MONSTEROUS like some other houses. I also had a pretty large backyard and I also had about an acre or two of forest that connected to the back of my back yard.
  3. I saw houses that were very spread out over a large amount of land.
  4. My community was very segregated, white,christian, mostly middle-upper class people. So I really didn't get any diversity until I came to Cranbrook in regards to my school.
  5. I really liked how close everything was but I didn't like how closed minded everyone was.
  6. 6. See above questions

This is a world War 1 propaganda poster for the United Kingdom. It shows soldiers in the background, with a kind of "Uncle Sam" looking mascot pointing towards you.This poster's goal is to single out individuals who are not yet part of the war effort. It makes people want to join the army because they feel like a loser for not being part of it. The poster almost makes an individual feel unpatriotic.

From the exercises I learned that being in a trench during World War 1 must have been a stressful and taxing situation to be in. Often leaders didn't have enough supplies or intelligence to make educated decisions regarding battles, and they often didn't regard the lives of the soldiers as highly as they have. I also learned that many emotional and physical problems caused the soldiers to breakdown and this overall affected how they fought in the actual battles. Things like shell shock, trench foot, and people shooting themselves to get out of fighting truly show that even though soldiers are supposed to be emotionally detached from the world, still are human and get scared ffected by the fighting that they are put through.
Social darwinism is the idea that government should take a backseat role in society, so that survival of the fittest goes on. This will make it so that the "fittest" which is the highest social class will create progress in society, and the lack of governmental programs will make the poor people stay poor until they find a way to become richer themselves

Obama is both right and wrong when he compares republicans to social darwinists. Republicans essentially want government to take a less active role in people's lives, which is one part of social darwinism. However all Republicans do no think that the highest social class will provide the most progress for society.

Detroit vs Bloomfield Hills:
Total population-- 713,777
7.8% White
82.2% African American
6.8% Latino
1% Asian
17,867 Violent Crimes in a Year
28.4% unemployment rate
Residents with income below poverty line-36.4%

Bloomfield Hills:
86.2% white
4% African American
1.5% Latino
6.7% Asian
Estimated median household income- 104,986

Even though Bloomfield hills and Detroit are close to each other geographically, they are very different economically and demographically. Bloomfield Hills is a more affluent area then Detroit is. Detroit also has a high violent crime rate and over a third of it's residents are below the poverty line. The most troubling thing however is a clear racial division between white people and African Americans. The fact that their is a such a large division is troubling, and it signals a disconnect between the people living within the area.

Does industrial wealth serve a moral purpose OR represent moral decrepitude?
The thesis of the industrial manchester, is emphasizing how the industrial revolution brought on the horrible living conditions that the English people living there have to survive in. The workers have to live like pigs in a pen and they are not paid fair and overall are not treated like human beings. Andrew Carnegie is saying that it is better for some to be succeeding in life and others to not be, than to have "universal squalor." He also says that those people who succeed should be modest, and give any remaining surplus of money to a productive cause. Both of these stories show the industrial revolution in a good and bad light. The industrial revolution represented a moral purpose, in those like Andrew Carnegie who wanted to be modest and put his extra wealth to good use. But it also represented moral decrepitude when it comes to the story about industrial manchester, and the horrible living conditions people were forced to live through.

Benjamin Franklin was a very influential thinker, and affected the country we live in today. He made many new innovations in his time such as daylight savings time,the stove, the odometer and he also theorized the gulf stream.He was one of the first people to propose a separation of the colonies from England and was one of the first people to sign the declaration of independence. He was a diplomat to France during the revolutionary war and ended up getting the French to side with the Americans. He was a strong advocate for people to be able to have their own liberties and to not be suppressed by their governing power.Overall Franklin's largest accomplishment was establishing a new democratic and free nation based of off ethical laws and a just government.

I would compare Oprah Winfrey as a modern day Benjamin Franklin. She owns and controls many media outlets and many people listen and embrace her ides. She expresses the need for freedom of speech and education just as Benjamin Franklin did. She created and invests in many schools in America and developing countries. She also runs many charities, including one that donates to researching a cure to AIDS. Oprah also is a political force, and her endorsement of Barack Obama ignited popularity in him. Oprah and Benjamin Franklin both thought education and free speech would lead to the success and happiness of humanity.

North Korea has many problems facing it today. It's government is very oppressive and hinders any work ethic or people wanting to work for a purpose because creativity is basically squashed. It's economy is a mess and right now the only major amount of money from the government is being pumped into military. There is massive food shortages and it relies on foreign aid to feed it's people.Economic development is hindered greatly by it. In order for it to be more economically prosperous it needs to be more open to trading with other countries. My pitch to the G8 is to make it so other countries are more open to trading with it, and more possible investors are attracted to invest in this country. This kickstart the economy and make it less impovershed.


Western aid is overall weakening the African continent. Money is given to African through various funds and charities, which is then given to help build infrastructure and to help with giving out food and water. However a lot of this money is lost due to corruption and the African continent is becoming dependent on foreign aid. In the article with Dambisa Moyo, he uses China as an example. China used to be in worse poverty than Africa and eventually built a large manufacturing economy and is now set to be one of the new world super powers. The way to help Africa is to invest in ideas and jobs and education, rather than in goods such as food and water and things like that.

This picture is a prime example of Renaissance art. You can see the vibrant looking colors and you can make the assumption that the woman featured in the picture is affluent due to the dress and the jewelry she is wearing. You can also notice that there is no religious item featured in the picture. She isn't even wearing a cross on her neck.