Byzantine currency, money used in the Eastern Roman Empire after the fall of the West,


The flag of the later Byzantine Empire (depicting the tetragrammatic cross - 14th Century)

Mumbai: most density of population in the world

We can talk this problem in term of world economic


Mona Lisa is the name of this picture. It was painted by Leonado Di Winshi in 16th century. Mona Lisa is one of the best picture in the world and during Renaissance era and one of the mystery of this picture is we do not know that what does the woman in the picture do? Sad? Smile? Happy or crying. Now Mona Lisa is possess by France.

Mongolia Paragraph

Mongolia is the country in asia which is the one of country that have a good economies growing rate. They contain a small population, only 2.7 million peoples live in Mongolia. Go back 20 years, they change their politic system to democracy, but the economic go worst because Soviet no longer support them and now Mongolia had problems about unemployment and poverty. However, they raise their economy up again without mineral wealth or foreign inverstment in a number of gigantic. Mongolia's main trading are Russia and China and China also interest to use mineral resource in Mongolia either. In BBC counrtries profile, they said that the problems with a tempestuous climate "Mongolia has an extreme climate, with a temperature range to suit. Droughts and unusually cold and snowy winters have decimated livestock, destroying the livelihoods of thousands of families.". The another big challenge for Mongolia is lowering the nation's budget deflicit. "In fact the 2011 budget will result in a deficit of about 9.9% of GDP. About 32% of the budget is allocated to social welfare and allowances. Although more than $400 million will be allocated for infrastructure and energy improvements, the government anticipated a major shortfall in capital for education. For 2011, the nation anticipated a need to provide facilities for about 20,000 new students, but had enough funding to build only one school, which could house about 2,500 students.". This quotes can answer the two questions that what is the main obstacle to developement and what is the general current situation in Mongolia and the answer is they have low quality of education and governance.

Mongolia can improve their country to be overtake the bottom billion. They have a good GDP growth come uo with stable economic vision. They have many mineral resource that China interested it and come to Mongolia to deal with them and also they have a closer international realationship with Russia which is powerful in Asia continent. "The nation has sizable mineral deposits that account for a large part of industrial production. Even in the wake of the 2008–09 global financial crisis, coal production and exports continued to increase. In the first three quarters of 2010, coal exports reached 10.95 million tons, representing more than a 100% increase from the previous year". This fact show that Mongolia's economic rate growth are increasing rapidly. The other solution is they have another material that is interested by Japan and South Korea which is coal. They will open its Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit to foreign investors and this is a good chance to deal with countries that interested in the business. Mongolia have to improve their organize that is now a challenging problems in the country. The tenor is they will be upgrade their country in 10-20 years.

A rare jade mine has been discovered in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and experts are surprised by its huge reserve and high quality of the precious stone.


Environment Problems ( Pollution )

In fact, Mongolia have many mineral meterial that are in intested for the other country and it is the main livelihood for people in Mongolia contain 40 percent of population and the 30 percent is industy. So in other way, they should have a polution problems that come from this business. In 2010, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) identifified Ulaanbaatar ( Capital of Mongolia ) as " the world's worst air polution". The two main source that casue polution are the buring of coal ( interested material by Japan and South Korea ) from cooking with non-standard control systems and burning coal in the industry also cause this problem either. The polution from road traffic is one of main issue that effect to popution percentage in Monglia. In 2011, Mongolia's government emphasize this problem and try to find the solutions for this problems. They were rigid for the polution's law and builted sustainable energy projects to reduce reliance on aging power plants. Now polution rate are decreasing from the past and in this year, they reduce polution by 50 pecect which is a good sign for solve this problems.

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Adam Smith
Adam Smith is the Scottish social philosopher in Enlightenment time. He sparked the idea of econmic system and created a new way of economy systems call "Capitalism". Capitalism is the economy system that have less control by government and include "free market" and free market is a competitive market where prices are determinded by demand and supply. He also wrothe an econmic book name " Wealth of nation". In 1776, his book was very famous and wide spead in Europe. This book talked about his new economic perspective. All of this developement became a based on the economic system in the present day. US and most of countries in the world use this econmic system. The good points for the Capitalism economic is customer ( which is us ) have a freedom to choose the product or the service that they prefer rather than the old economic system and the other effect is Capitalism can improve their quality of system and moving all the time by "unseen hand" said by Adam Smith. He was praise to be " father of the modern economics".

Comparing to Robert Skidelsky who wrote "Survival after the flood", the economic book in 2009. His book is about devastating the old the economic theory. "In Skidelsky’s view, these assumptions have legitimised preposterously unrealistic expectations about the self-regulating correctness of market decisions and the ability of mathematical wizardry to eliminate risk" said by Keynesian. Adam Smith and Robert seem have similar thinking to improve their certain economic system in their period time, but in my opinion, I thought Robert's thinking is imaginary not physicaly. In the other way, Adam Smith thinked about Capitalism which is wide spread system and most of countries in the world use that based on their economic now. Adam Smith thinking is better that Robert Skidelsky.


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Does industrial wealth serve a moral purpose OR represent moral decrepitude?
For this two article, industrial wealth seem to represent a moral decrepitude. Friederich Engels's article, Industrial Manchester 1844, wrote about the city background in Manchester that in this time, it was the premier center of manufacture. The industrial activity come from the passion of human and they will not care about other people or the effect that cause by their behaviors. Pollution are the biggest problem from industrial represent the moral decrepitude human that do not care for other people especially who poorer that them. For the Andrew Carnegie's article, The gospel of wealth, represent how human play a role in their wealth.
It seem have a good solution, but it is too abstract and not realistic. In real world, some person especially "rich" person usually have a greed for the wealth and in fact, it is normally that poor people will have chance less than rich people. Moral and wealth can not come pararell together cause they are both conflicting each other.

( I'm very sorry if it not a good paragraph, hosnestly I did not understand both of the article very well, so this is the best I can do for this paragraph and for now.)

Bloomfield Hills

Detroit Vs. Bloomfield Hills

Bloomfield Hills and Detroit are both in Michigan state, but those two cities are not similar in demographics. Bloomfield Hills is a lot smaller than Detroit, but their population Density are less than Detroit and Detroit are also have larger population either. For the race, those are big different between those two cities, Bloomfield Hills contain white people rather than black people and in other hand, Most of population in Detroit ( 82.2% in 2010 ) are black or African American. More Asian people live Bloomfield Hills rather than Detroit and the percent of population under 18 in data show that, Detroit have huge non-white under 18 population in there city. About poverty rates, Detroit seem have a lot trouble with this unlike Bloomfield Hills which have better poverty rate and income. More than half of child population in Detroit living in poverty state and around 35 percent of whole population living in poverty state. Bloomfield Hills just have only 3.3% that living in poverty. For summarize, Bloomfield have better income rate than Detroit.


Social dawinism is the system about evolution of human. Related to the evolution system of human that who strongest is live and spread their group. For this every generation of human will be better forever (just in theory) and Social dawinism just apply this system to political or society. Stronger group or society will survive or rule over society.

No, because in my opinion Social dawinism is too "ideal" for apply in political and society. Although monkey or the ancient human can improving and became a human, but they used more than 10million to changed their generation and species. Political and society are more than just survive and they are a lot complicate than Social dawinism and human evolution. The other reason is in human evolution, there had a natural to generated who is the strongest and control this cycle, but in society, there control by human and becasue of that, the system is not as good as the human evolution and it is not stable.


World War 1

For my result, it was quite surprise that I almost fell the test not becasue I did not pay attention for that or I have no information about military things, but some of their decision are rough and cold-blood. If we were in the World War 1, we had to be active or the time and cant even care about your friends, your troops ( unless we are officer ), the only thing that come to your mind is when you will die and when the war gonna over,the fact that around 10millions troops died after World War 1 for me is unacceptable. There have another trouble during the war such that disease and kinds of syndrome that occur in the trench. Altough you are tough, cold-blood and have well-decision, but sometime you still need to care about your troops to, according to the test, it has one questions that asked you "Do you going to give rum for the soilder before the attack?" and the answer is yes because you have to encourage your troops from horible circumstance that they have to "fight" everyday. The last things that I have learned was you have to over-brave and aslmost insanely strong heart to survive the war and to be good example for your troops and encourage them.


Propaganda poster:

In this picture, represent a woman during WWI have to work and replace men position in many wat. Before the war was beginning, most of the work was doing by men and then the women came to play in role in either work and industry. If we focus on the picture, we will see that the lady in the picture wear cloths very comfortable and dressing look like a man and she said "We can do it!" to represent the role of women in the WWI that their replacement was as good as men and they can do what a man usually do.

The Great Depression
1) Why the Depression was so great?
- It was begin with the reducetion stock-market price in Newyork, but it was rapidly spread to worldwide in about 3years. Many worker were unemployed and about 11000 Banks was failed.
2) Map 1 - the significant for this map is its shows that during 1932, the unemployed workers was rapidly increased a lot more than 1928 and it also shows how government spend money to help people for this hopeless circumstance.
Map 2 - focus on Germany, they lost the WWI and have to pay money for the victor, even they have to pay for their industial. Their economic was shrink down and also when US. economy decreased, US tried to got money back from Germany and the worst time was still 1932.
Map 3 - Over production.
3) In the past during The Great Depression time, government tried to changed exchange rates of the money such as gold. During this time, the standard of gold also dwindled from 1929-1934. The main problem is produce was priceless, so the government tried to control the exchanged of money and currency. Right now, it is not as bad as the great depression, I not exactly know that how the government solve the economic problems, but the way that US used to solve the great depression was very useful and I though the current governmet can apply to this situation.
4) According to WWI, Germany was lost and had to pay money for victor such as US so when US. was in The Great Depression time, they tried to broght money from European ( Germany ) to relief their problem and actually the Graet Depression was effected almost the whole world. This problem lead Germany to huge trouble, but in term of political effect, Adopt Hitler came to play in this role and solve the problems. Their main product during this time was manufacture of armaments and machinery.

Home town.

2. Small house with my mother and my dad in village. Detached house.
3. A lot traffic jam more than last 5years ago. Everyday will have kids runs around the village or ride a bike, just a few kids. Outside air has a lot polution and smoke because of trafiic. The building is simple size and no big building around this area.
4. Friendly and dependable.
5. Food and neighborhood, also convenient. Problem is polution in the air that come from traffic and bad organization.
6. Mom, dad and me+(Little dog)

- Bloomfield Hills
Bloomfield Hills's video represent upper class and good enviroment. More trees and natural than all the the other example countries. It does not have that much "tall" building that will ruin the enviroment and view, more classic and old design in the building rather than economic or modern style.
- Detroit
The city seems "cloudy". A lot of tall building was located in Detroit. No trees and plants in the cities. Compare to another countries in the example, Detroit have some painting and out-law stuff that will decrease the picture of the city. A lot sign to request peace and stop doing something, especially consider on "life quality"
- Ferndale
This video portrays Ferndale as "country side" and feel more warm. Some farm and grass field was seen in this city and has some little village that contain a less amout of people and building that Detroit.
- Bangkok
- Bangkok is a capital of Thailand, it has a tall building as much as detroit or less. But the problem is, it seems have more traffic and air polution than other countries. According to the position of Bangkok in world map, it located on the place that have high temperature and also a lot cars was used in this country. Buddish religion is prosperous in Bangkok.