1) it was a woody house in a sense
2) i saw nice plants and trees and nice people
3) it was secure and lovely
4) i liked that it was private so i could keep to myself but i didn't make many friends that way im not sure who lived there i was little and no one ever came to say hello.

Kenya is a country that is very lush in environment and culturally diverse. Around 99 percent are of african decent but there at at least 47 different ethnic groups. Kenya's population is at around 41 million and is growing at 2.5% annually.It is not a stable country and suffers from many conflicts. The man in charge of politics was jomo Kenyatta until in 1978 he was replaced by Daniel Arap moi for 24 years then the political group leading was Kanu. Years later Kanu was diminished and Mwai Kibaki took control. Kibaki's leadership was not very strong because he had promised he would end corruption and it is now estimated that nearly 1 illion dollars was lost to graft from 2002 to 2005. Kenya's shores border the indian ocean and it is surrounded by the countries of uganda, tanzania, sudan,ethiopia, and somalia.
Many factors contribute to Kenya's place in the bottom billion. A few main reasons they struggle to be a powerful and stable country is because of an increasing unemployment rate, poverty, and violence. Poverty is a real issue and most Kenyans are living off of one dollar a day. if there only living off one dollar a day its hard to provide shelter, food, and a stable environment and if the people are not getting jobs it wont get any better. A major drought has effected around 3.2 million kenyans and the loss of crops and livestock worsened food prices. Since Kenyans economy is based on agriculture and employs around 75% of kenyans the drought increases unemployment causing more poverty and the kenya has struggled to feed the population. Another cause for high unemployment besides the drought is the lack of foreign investments. The country depends on loans from other countries just to keep up and even with the loans they still struggle to keep basic needs. Another contributing factor to Kenya's bottom billion status is that about half of kenyans are able to have health care. Since so many are unable to afford it they rely on traditional healing remedies opposed to the new western medicine and many are unable to get better. Life expectancies have been lowered due to Diseases that are spreading throughout the country like malaria.




Sir Isaac Newton made some of the greatest discovery that is still present and used today. He was a physicist,mathematician, astronomer, and natural philosopher along with a bunch of other things in the 1600s.Newton discovered things like the three laws of motion and described universal gravitation. Those discoveries are a huge part of the education system today and explains why objects move the way they move and how gravity affects the earth which is a key importance in everyday life and leads us to discovering new things. Newton also worked and developed calculus and that is a class taught in many schools to kids now.

Mark zuckerberg can be compared to sir isaac newton because isaac discovery of new ideas in calculous led to formulas and even more discoveries throughtout the years leading to marks formula for Facebook.He was able to develop it because of his knowledge over mathematics and how to put that into making an outstanding website. without Isaac we would not have that because we most likely wouldn't be as mathematically advanced. Mark used the laws of physics and calculus to create it and he is a genius as was Isaac.

white percentage:85%
average income per household:104,986
high school graduates: 96.2%
way more than 50% drive a car alone
married couples:69%

married couples:22.4%
residents with income below poverty level:36.4%
black percentage:82.2%
white percentage:7.8%
The difference is not only because of the poverty levels but also the race in each environment creating a divide between them. also as you can see from the picture Detroit city and large building environment is much different and harder to live in then the Bloomfield hills. The demographic differs because of the large difference of percentage between races and how black people make up most of Detroit while people who are white make up most of Bloomfield hills.

In the aiding africa is beneficial because even though the native from zambia makes a point on how africa needs to build themselves on there own and not have to rely on others, just as china had done. But bono's strong words and encouragement throughout the nation and how he wants to bring many people togther to help would help africa get out of poverty quicker and not have to be in debt to the U.S. as for the native bashing on the celebrities it seems that there not necassairy the voice of africa but they help spread the word and encourage the donations and support because they care to change the lives of many people. I think it is very important to aid them and help stop poverty.

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this is a painting of the baptism of Constantine. painting played a major role in the religion. it was a custom among the christian people.



social Darwinism by Spencer was put forward as if it were the theory of evolution and the progression of that and how that now relates to the progression of society,government, and manufacturing etc. because they left evolution alone the same applies.

Obama is accurate to a certain extent calling the republicans slashing social programs social Darwinism because it is the theory that it will progress if the government in away leaves society be and doesn't interact in that way to let it move forward. Republicans are known for wanting to be less involved in peoples lies and democrat is opposite so it is clear that republicans use social Darwinism as a strong belief on how to run the government and society among the population.

From these two games is that while in the western front there are many crucial decisions that need to be mad that could result in life or death if executed wrong. For example the positioning of where u need to be to spot the enemy is key because if just your head is visible your instantly dead rather than your whole body u at least have a chance to live. Also the generals have to make very hard decisions and treat there soldiers as well as they can without getting out of control at them for doing something wrong because sometimes they need to do these things to live like light matches to get the flees away. Trench life was quite brutal because of the conditions like staying and sleeping in dirt and bugs and rats and always being aware. Smart tactics are needed for a victory and even the slightest mistake or careless move it can end in death like when they could have either walked in no mans land and got slaughtered or been armed and aware of the situation around them.

The propaganda poster that says Save all the food in big font with a blue backround sends a simple strong message which i think makes it a good poster. The message conveyed about saving food is easy to read easy to understand and it is in bold which adds emphasis on how important it is which i think is key and why it is a good poster. Its a simple message the only thing that might have been useful was a picture implicating how serious the situation is or why they need to save food but what also makes it a good poster is how to the point and simple it is.