Apples were not the only thing these thinkers had in common...
Both an enlightened thinker and innovative scientist, Sir Isaac Newton open doors and broke their hinges, leaving the horizon of science never-ending. While some facets of his discovery were accidental, nonetheless his thinking brought anew to the worlds of math and science. Personally, I would have no clue why a football eventually hits the ground, or how a rainbow is formed without him. His ideas inspired his predecessors, but also laid beautiful and significant landscaping for physics and calculous.

Aside from both having close relations with apples, Isaac Newton and Steve Jobs are very comparable for their innovation and thinking, but also their childhoods. While both were intelligently privileged, both had their problems socially. Newton was bullied as a child, and Jobs was looked at as a rebel for his visions. It is because of this fuel built up that led to their diligence in discovery. Jobs indubitably transformed technology and took a bite of out science’s apple. These two men were thinkers. Their thoughts led to visions, which in turn led to reality.

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The picture at the bottom aids in my response to Friederich Engels’s Industrial Manchester (1844). The picture to the right describes my opinon towards the ideals of Andrew Carnegie’s The Gospel of Wealth (1889). Carnegie argues that it is the moral duty of the rich to donate to the poor. Most of the time, this is only a short term solution if any type of solution. This work attempted to describe “the filth, ruin, and uninhabitableness, the defiance of all considerations of cleanliness, ventilation, and health” of Manchester. Engel blames the “industrial epoch” for the state of the city.
However, the answerto avoiding situations like this is not to put a standstill on industrialization, but rather to change industry in order to adapt to the people. For rich people to not take pride in their wealth and donate to the less fortunate, we make small but important steps to a more privilege-aware future.While what Carnegie proposes will not solve industrial problems, it is at least a step forward.

Detroit vs. Bloomfield Hills

Bloomfield Hills
  • Population: 717,777
  • White: 7.8 %
  • Black: 82.2 %
  • Population: 3,869
  • White: 86.2 %
  • Black: 4%
Other Statistics
  • Married couples: 22.4%
  • 5,144 people per sq mi
  • 17,867 Violent Crimes in a Year
  • Average Income Per Household: 104,986
  • High School Graduates: 96.2%
  • 779 people per sq mi
From the data above and below, Detroit has a much greater population than Bloomfield Hills, but even with a population among the United States largest, Detroit does not have enough jobs to employ that vast people. The "Motor City" has a consistently high amount of crimes each year. Bloomfield Hills on the other hand has 96.2 percent of its high school students graduating annually. It stands to reason that Detroit's population is living so poorly because of the people to jobs ratio and the amount of crime. So many people are packed into only 1 square mile! Almost 5,144 people in Detroit, while in Bloomfield Hills only 779. Detroit and Bloomfield Hills differ racially as well, for example the population of Bloomfield Hills is 86% white and 4% black while in Detroit, the population is 7% white and 82% black. Detroit faces a problem with a large population and the small amount of jobs available, this is the reason for the high unemployment and poverty rates. Bloomfield Hills on the other hand does not have as many people, and has a good people to jobs ratio.

Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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From the insight of Herbert Spencer, the phenomena of social darwinism revolves around an underlying interest in individualism and freedom across all races, cultures, and classes. He explains that "survival of the fittest" lives in modern times with the wealthy thriving and prospering and the poor dying off. This is absolutely evident, but not completely justifiable.

President Obama went out on a limb calling the Republicans "Social Darwinist" in many aspects, but mostly because the word has turned into almost a derogatory. In order to progress in the government, name calling can't be commonplace. I personally think that Obama was inaccurate calling the Republicans Darwinists because of their proposed buget cuts. He thinks that they are along thinking about themselves and how to benefit the wealthy, but the plan will help a lot of people in the US, aside from the affluent. One of the effects is that it will drastically simmer domestic funding. Right now America is in excruciating debt globally and it is crutial that we get relieve ourselves of that debt pronto. We are also spending money helping other countries, when the money is really needed here helping our people. The economy's downfall helps to insist that we need as much of our money as we can have and spending money helping other countries is just wrong in times like this. Of course there are downsides to the buget cut attempt, but there are downsides in every industry and government and not everyone wil benefit from everything, but if we can help the majority of our country, thats the best that we can hope for.

Trench Life

What I learned about trench warfare, is that it took the lives of many people. Throughout the Great War, many people relied on trencghes for shelter and safety, so it was said not to stick heads or any body part out of the trench, becuase the Germans often aimed directly for where their conceptions of the tops of the trenches were. Also trench foot, which was commonly obtained from the murky water that found its way into the trenches after storms. Often people recieved large warts on their feet which, among other illnesses requiered immediate attention.

"Face The Bullets"

This propoganda poster is great because it captivates the attention of it's British viewers, drawing them towards joining the war. It helps captivate because makes any British man feel selfish if he does not join the army force. In a sense of peer pressure, this poster basically screams at you telling you if you decide against your country, air raids are going to kill you and the others around you.

I grew up in a three-story suburban house. When I looked out of my front door, several houses were in sight, but also the Wing Lake School for handicapped kids. In a few words, my community was extremely safe, surrounded by many other houses in a high-income area. I liked living next to a handicap school. Since as long as I can remember, living there has reminded me everyday how fortunate I am for my physical well being. I also loved having neighbors my age to hang out with. I loved where I grew up and there is nothing I didn't like about it. In my house, I grew up with my parents, brother, sister, and dog penny. - Detroit Video

In this video, a teenage boy travels downtown to Detroit, doing a favor for his friend. Once he arrives in a sketchy neighborhood, bad things happen. Viewer discretion advised. - Bloomfield Hills Video

In this video, a tour of nearly abandoned Bloomfield Hills suburbs are filmed. While the area looks very safe, it also looks stationary and boring. - Ferndale Video

In this video, interviewers from a news station report on a shooting at Ferndale High School.