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picture of you in the neighborhood/house you grew up in
  • Kind of a house did you grow up in
I grew up in apartment.
  • What you saw when you looked down your street
Many pets and stupid kids.
  • What your community was like in a few words
My community was good.
  • What you liked about your community/street and what you did not like 6. Who lived there?
Our community is quiet, and I like it. I dont like the elevator because it's a flat, and I have to go up 23 floors everytime I go back home.

Beijing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boiyGYEiLLg&feature=fvst
Detroit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hhJ_49leBw
Bloomfield Hills: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCTVy7YkuI0

Beijing, Detroit and Bloomfield Hills are differently portraited in the videos. Beijing, as the capital of China, its portraition is highly political, in the video you can see many famous Chinese buildings, and most of them belong to the current Chinese government or the dynasties before. But apprantly Detroit's history is not as long as Beijing, and it is enduring a reccession. Bloomfield Hills is a totally different kind of city, I mean it's more like a town which the government doesnt have strong power, and inhabbitants dont consider themselves as a group.

1. During the trip to the art museum , I viewed a bunch of paintings about industrialization. Factory, high rise, pipes, chimney and cars, were once the symbols of Detroit. But still, I'm not fancy to Detroit.

2.I choose the painting by Zoltan Sepeshy, named Factory Rnyth

this painting gives you an idea of a factory in the 1970~1980s. The pipes and chimney out side the factory is really interesting. The picture gives me an image of an industrialized city in the old time.

1) What did you see DOWN Woodward?
2) How did this experience impact the way you see your own neighborhood/school/city/self?
3) What had the most impact on you during the trip?

I saw recession, poverty, chaos and some prosperity.
I think the reason Detroit has turned like this today is people here have lost their upward mobility. In a city, if all the classes are blended together, the rich people fear to lost their money, and poor people lust to gain wealth. However, in detroit 80% of the inhabitants are black people, and the upper class has moved to the places like bloomfield hills. This division is critical to Detroit for people lost their upward mobility, they dont have strong desire for developing. To thrive in calamity and to perish in soft living.
The thing impacted me most was there was few people walking down the street, the whole city is desolated both in down town and community. People dont walk around, and that kind of suggest detroit has lost its energy.