This is Will Zhao by the way
Detroit: Detroit Detroit is portrayed as a city of toughness, even though it has been through worst of the worst, but it is the "hottest fire" and "hardest work".
Bloomfield Hills: Bloomfield Hills well it's a video about Cranbrook, but I believe that Cranbrook is a great representative of what it is like to be in Bloomfield Hills, it's quiet, rich, green and beautiful.
Ferndale: Ferndale it's really different from Bloomfield Hills, it's crowded and dirty
Pasadena/LA: Pasadena this is one of the biggest event in Pasadena every year, the Rose Bowl Parade. It's energetic, green, beautiful much similar to Bloomfield Hills

2) It is the house that I grew up in, it's located right outside of downtown Los Angeles, near Pasadena.
3) my lawn, other people's lawn and a road
4) it was a middle class community with mostly white people, few Asian, African American and Browns
5) it's quiet, but it's too quiet at times
6) no one special that i know of, just normal everyday people
This is the WW1 poster that I found, this was used by the U.S., it encourages people to join the army to fight for the country. The poster use words like absent to make the readers feel like joining the army is something that people all need to do, and it is shameful to not do it. The poster itself has many soldiers well-dressed, which is not the case in the real war, poster does not show how cruel the battles, and the war actually is, it gives people some false sense that the war is easier than it actually is.

Trench Warfare:
From the simulation The Trench warfare, there are a lot of decisions that are against the morality that we follow today. This shows how difficult the war was and how much the war affected people. Trench warfare is cruel, it provides soldiers with poor living conditions and it resulted in illness or injuries such as trench foot. All of it show how cruel the war was.

Social Darwinism is a belief of the fittest survive and evolve in the society.
i believe that President Obama is incorrect for calling Republicans who want to slash social programs "Social Darwinism. Because the fact that the term Social Darwinism means that the fittest survive, the ones who adapt fastest get to live on. It basically means that on the rich people can survive and poor people are not allow to reproduce and move up in the society. Obama has increased taxes on the U.S. overrall, so the term "Social Darwinist" could refer back to him. Although the intention of the Republicans maybe in some way Social Darwinist intentions, there are many terms that could describe it, but unfourtanatley you cant pick the label you get, and it seems they have gotten the wrong one.

external image detroitbooks.jpg
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first picture is an abandoned building in downtown Detroit and the picture below is Cranbrook Garden located in Bloomfield Hills, MI.
Detroit city's population is made up by 82.2% of Black people, 7.8% of White people and people of other races. It is an exact opposite compare to Bloomfield Hills, a suburb of Detroit. Bloomfield Hills is 86.2% White people, 4.0% Black poeple and people of other races. Bloomfield Hills' annual household income almost triples the state of Michigan's average. In comparison Detroit city doubles the number of percent of people below poverty line.
Will Zhao
Ms. Arida
World History/ 8th Hour.
February 12, 2012

1) The English demands include requesting trades with China (Qing Dynasty), and requesting the use of a little island so the English Merchants can use it as a warehouse, a place near the Canton city where English merchants can stay and the Europeans tried to teach the words of God. Qianlong refuses to trade with the English people because he claims that China (Qing Dynasty) has everything they needed and they do not need to trade with “Barbarians”, he also refuses to give the island nor a place for the English merchants to stay, he claims that English are allowed to live in China, but they have to follow all the rules and never go back to England. At last, Qianlong states that European countries have always looked up to China, and he refuses to believe in some “European Religion”. I would support King George III’s position on this because his ideas will only help the global economy and the spread of Chinese and European culture.

2) Qianlong view English as the “Barbarians” who is supposed to follow and learn from China. King George III might reply this letter with anger and point out what Qianlong has thought wrong.
Will Zhao
Ms. Arida
World History/ 8th hour.
February 8th 2012

Andrew Carnegie argues that the Industrial Revolution made the rich and poor closer to each other, it does solve the central problem the administration of wealth. Before the revolution, businesses were normally passed down generation to generation within a family, the revolution gave the workers (servants) more status in an industry and the society. This required the upper class to take more responsibilities and become more modest. While Andrew Carnegie lists out all the benefits of the Industrial Revolution, Friederich Engels uses Manchester City as an example to make people understand the harms that Industrial Revolution has brought to people. Engels claims that the "workingpeople's quarters are sharply separated from the sections of the city reserved for the middle-class". Engels indicates that the industries within Manchester has produced much disgusting pollution which people have never seen before, this seriously affected people's living environment. Engels harshly points out the reality in the "workingpeople's quarters", and that indicates how the rich got richer and poor got poorer, and Industrial Revolution did not serve is purpose which is to help working class to gain its status in the society and even out classes financially.
Galileo Galilei is an Italian Scientist, Mathematician, Philosopher, Astronomer and one of the biggest contributor for the Science Revolution. During Galileo’s time, the Church controls what knowledge can people learn and they can determine whether a discovery is true or not. Galileo discovers Jupiter and phases of Venus, and proved that Earth is not the center of the universe, but this discovery is against what the Church has been teaching people for the past many years. Galileo was not afraid to speak his mind and teach people the correct knowledge, even though he knows he will be punished by the Church, and yet he did, he was burned on the stake. Even though he is dead, his legacy will be remembered forever, especially his braveness.
Galileo’s legacy is very similar to what Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2010, Liu Xiaobo tries to change the government system in China, but instead he got tossed into jail. In jail, Liu Xiaobo never stop trying to reach out and keep doing what he does.
Will Zhao
Ms. Arida
World History/ 8th hour
29 January 2012
Laos Article Synopsis
In Laos, education used to be a big problem for the country, because the fact that it is very hard to get kids to go to school when they have to walk 2 or three hours just to get to school in the mountains. Laos’ schools are also always lack of good teachers, since not many of the people were educated, and most of them do not want to spend time to teach. The level of education given to people really determines whether a country is successfully developed or not, and Laos certainly did not succeed in that category.
But in Laos, this is changing, many people especially parents have realized how important education is to their kids, they are willing to send their kids to school no matter what. More educated people are now willing to educate the younger generation. And last but not least, more girls are being treated the same way as the boys in their families, and more of them are getting educated.

Will Zhao
Ms. Arida
World History/ 8th hour
26 January 2012

Lao PDR, also known as Laos, is one of the few remaining Communist in the world. The major religion of the country is Buddhism. Laos is located below China and on the Western side of Viet Nam. The capital city of Lao PDR is called Vientiane, it is located in the southwest side of Laos, and it is also one of the few cities in Laos that has electricity. Lao PDR’s economy heavily relies on its agricultural production of rice, corn and etc. Laos is a country full of mountains, only 5% of its land is suitable for agricultural development, which has to support 80% of nation's income.
Lao PDR’s economy saw signs of improving in the early 1990s, but the split of Soviet Union in 1991 and the Asian currency crisis in 1997 caused the national currency, the kip, to reduce 90% of its value against U.S. Dollar. Lao PDR is also one of the main resource of drugs, due to the fact that the “Golden Triangle” located in the middle of China, Laos and Viet Nam. Laos is looking for the returns of $1.3bn Nam Theun in 2010 for the exports of electricity from Thailand in order to boost its economy and infrastructure.


  • Full name: Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Population: 6.4 million (UN, 2010)
  • Capital: Vientiane
  • Area: 236,800 sq km (91,400 sq miles)
  • Major languages: Lao, French (for diplomatic purposes)
  • Major religion: Buddhism
  • Life expectancy: 66 years (men), 69 years (women) (UN)
  • Monetary unit: 1 new kip = 100 ath
  • Main exports: Clothing, timber products, coffee, gold, copper, electricity
  • GNI per capita: US $1,040 (World Bank, 2010)
Will Zhao
Ms. Arida
World History/ 8th hour
24 January 2012
Western Curing or Killing Africa
The Western culture today is killing Africa instead for curing it. African culture has been passing down generation by generation for thousands of years, and they never needed anybody’s help. Dambisa Moya stated that people’s donations are not helping Africa to develop, because that just makes Africa to rely on people’s donations instead for finding its own way to get better like China and India. I can appreciate Mono’s action and thoughts, but what he is doing is not helping Africa to develop. Giving Africa money and supply is like giving someone who is hungry a bucket of fish instead for the skills of fishing.


these two graphs shows how the population of each continent and how the rate of population growth.

this is the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi ( Fountain of Four Rivers). It is designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1651