1. A picture of you in the neighborhood/house you grew up in - [insert image here]
  2. Kind of a house did you grow up in - I grew up in a decent sized slab
  3. What you saw when you looked down your street - I saw an empty dirt road going bye a bunch of spaced out houses.
  4. What your community was like in a few words - Distant, private people.
  5. What you liked about your community/street and what you did not like - Not any kids is a downer but we had a big yard.
    6. Who lived there? - My mother, father and brother.

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These posters were for recruiting men for the navy, and women for working in the plants to crate ships and weapons for the navy. They were over women having certain jobs at this point in the war, they were using everyone at this point. During this exercise I learned about how difficult and hard it would have been to be a soldier in WWI. New weapons such as gas bombs had just come into existence so there were even more deaths. Around ten million died in WWI leaving a huge gap in every country involved.

Detroit and Bloomfield Township are neighbors but worlds apart. One is poverty stricken while the other is wealthy. Detroit having a huge population and having about a third of it in poverty while Bloomfield continues to be quite prosperous. Crime rates are also much higher then in Bloomfield. They differ in race as well do to the segregation which still seems 2 remain.
Total population: 713,777
Population Density (per sq mile)11: 5,144.3
Poverty rate among people who did not graduate high school not in families: 51.6%

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Total population: 3,869
Population Density (per sq mile)11: 779.7
Estimated median household income: $104,986
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Does industrial wealth serve a moral purpose OR represent moral decrepitude?
These two articles show the positive and negative sides of the industrial revolution. Manchester talks about the negative side and how people were treated badly. It talked about how workers had horrible working conditions and not paid fairly at all. Carnegie's argument is that its better to have some succeed then no one. He also mentions though that those who are fortunate should share their wealth. So in some instances such as Manchester represented moral decrepitude. In other cases such as Carnegie moral purpose was shown. Both were induced by industrial wealth the its only the people who made it positive or negative.

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Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers, so I don't have any idea of what my life would be if this country wasn't the way it is today. He was a scientist who did not only social experiments but also some with electricity, so without that I'm not sure what I would have learned about in physics that had to do with electricity. He was an inventor he invented the Lightning rod, without which I might be dead, bifocals, also with out I would die from my parents well as many other things. He formed both the first public lending library in America which without I may not have such a variety in music and literature. In conclusion basically I would not know what to do with myself if these things did not exist.
Jack St. Clair Kilby was an inventor and scientist as well he invented the integrated circuit, or microchip. Without this we would have no computers or any kind of modern technology, no calculator for your math test, no cell phone to call your parents to remind them they were supposed to pick you up and hour and a half ago… without this invention we would all be very different. All of this technology boom would not be happening we would still be researching things by going to the library to find an article that works with your topic, heck I would be hand writing this right now…So both Kilby and Franklin invented something that I would not know what to do without if there were no computers to look things up and the public library didn’t exist then what?? You would have to buy a book every time you didn’t know something or borrow from a friend, but how annoying would that be??!! So Franklin in my opinion was more important seeing has he was a founding father and all, but ya know no big deal or anything... If Kilby didn’t exist and Franklin did I think I may be able to live but if it were the opposite…I don’t know….

a) some kind of visual must be shown
Map of Niger
Map of Niger

b) information on what exactly is going on in your country today (USE STATISTICS and FACTS)
What is the general current situation in your country? Why are they on the list?: They are under civilrule; There is still struggle over rule "2011 March - Mahamadou Issoufou wins presidential elections and is sworn in the following month.
2011 May - Former President Mamadou Tandja, who was ousted in the 2009 coup, is released from prison after charges of misappropriating public funds are dropped. 2011 July - Five soldiers arrested for allegedly plotting to assassinate President Issoufou and take power in a coup.".They are mainly on the bottom billion because of there poverty; "Population: 16 million (UN, 2011); Area: 1.27 million sq km (489,000 sq miles); Life expectancy: 55 years (men), 56 years (women) (UN); Monetary unit: 1 CFA (Communaute Financiere Africaine) franc = 100 centimes; GNI per capita: US $370 (World Bank, 2010)"
c) information on the challenges that face your country (USE QUOTES, STATS and FACTS)
What is the main obstacle to development?: Knowing and learning how to take advantage of there main export, Uranium, livestock products, and developing there new exports; "Its main export, uranium, is prone to price fluctuations and agriculture is threatened by the encroaching desert. Niger is bargaining on oil exploration and gold mining to boost its fortunes".. Developing the system of government, "After independence in 1960 its progress was stymied by political instability and a five-year drought, which devastated livestock and crops."
d) information on the prospects for the future, be they positive or negative (FACTS AGAIN!!!)
Is there any hope for the future? If there exports expand and they develope a GPC then it should be gettin better in some time, but continuing the way they are I don't think they would get very far there is starvation and devistation spread through out; "2010 May - Food shortages affecting 7 million people, aid agencies say.".
e) provide links to your sources: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-13943662
This shows how it is religious but it is also evidently focused more on technique and shows individualism
This shows how it is religious but it is also evidently focused more on technique and shows individualism
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Mosaic Portrait of Empress Theodora.  Through her relationship with her husband, who seems to have treated her as his intellectual partner, Theodora had a real effect on the political decisions of the empire.
Mosaic Portrait of Empress Theodora. Through her relationship with her husband, who seems to have treated her as his intellectual partner, Theodora had a real effect on the political decisions of the empire.